Nov 21, 2008


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Dec 13, 2007


My name is Julio Cabrera,

I created this informative website to help change our Global Indifference by providing information on every aspect of human rights (climate change, displacement, war, genocide, etc...) The main objective is educate, inform, or just create a dialogue about human rights for myself and others.

For me, it began when I attended the United Nations 60th Annual Conference on Climate Change. I have to be honest and admit that before the UN Conference, I thought global warming had nothing to do with human rights and the solution was as simple as changing regular light bulbs to smart bulbs.

As soon as the conference began, I was instantly impacted on how climate change affected thousands of children and how climate change is in fact very much a human rights issue! Even more powerful was the realization that children are the innocent ones who are the most affected in under-developed parts of the world, but their stories go unreported. The UN opened my eyes; it gave me the awareness that global warming is a web of problems that are interconnected.

At the UN I attended a lecture by Jim Luce, President and Founder of Orphans International Worldwide titled, “Caring After the Storm: The Impact of Climate Change on Children.” It helped me understand that the source of MOST global problems; war, genocide, land disputes, and displacements we watch on the news COULD BE (if we take time to truly analyze it) traced back to climate change.

In the lecture, Doctor Sukirti Bagal examined a step by step scenario; a child gets displaced and he/she gets sick due to their weakened immune system. Because they are now homeless he/she has no access to medical care, food, or water causing their already fragile immune systems to shut down. They wander through streets looking to food and shelter asking anyone who will listen for help. This begins a 'domino effect' and the child might become a victim to horrible crimes such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, child slavery, and child exploitation.

In the same lecture, John Min How Lee, Project Officer for Orphans International Worldwide stressed that even with all the difficult physical challenges and struggles, emotional scars left on a child's life are usually the hardest to overcome because it is much easier to rebuild a house, a park, a school, or community than to rebuild and heal emotional scars left on a child.

After the UN Conference I was overwhelmed by the severity and massive scale of this issue. How can I even begin to help such a huge problem? Jim Luce, President and Founder of Orphans International Worldwide understood that the key to such a massive problem is to only focus on what we as individuals can do to help, and NOT focus on how massive the problem actually is. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, but helping on an individual personal level or even by simply sharing this information we can help.
This is the message I bring to this website, I understood that what is important is to simply care and help others who do not have a voice. It begins with just being informed and by virtue of the knowledge gained, one is already changing the world.

Julio Cabrera,

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